Martyrs Day: Omar says, ‘Cannot Sell Interests of Kashmiris for Economic Packages’



NC @ Martyrs Graveyard

Paying glowing tributes to the Martyrs of 13th July, National Conference Working President Omar Abdullah Monday said that there was an elaborate conspiracy that was being hatched by two particular political parties against Article 370 and the special status of the State of Jammu and Kashmir.

Paying floral tributes to the Martyrs of 13th July 1931 at Martyrs’ Graveyard at Ziyarat Hazrat Naqshband Sahib (RA) in Srinagar, the former CM said, “National Conference would do whatever it takes to safeguard the interests of Jammu and Kashmir and its people.”

Along with senior NC politicians, Omar paid obeisance at the Dargah of Hazrat Naqshband Sahib (RA) and prayed for the state’s “protection and prosperity”. “After paying obeisance at the Shrine, Omar Abdullah offered Fateha at the Martyrs’ graveyard and paid floral tributes to the valiant Martyrs,” a party statement said this evening.

“There is an elaborate conspiracy being hatched by PDP and BJP against Article 370 and the state subject laws of J&K. This has been recently revealed in the media in reports where a particular NGO (which is affiliated to one of these two political parties) has planned to move the Supreme Court to challenge Article 370 and ask for its abrogation. While these two parties are now fielding proxy NGOs and ‘think tanks’ to move the Supreme Court against Article 370, let me be unambiguous about the resolve of National Conference to thwart all such overt and covert attempts. We will do whatever it takes to safeguard Article 370 – even if it means demanding that National Conference be made a party on the defense of this appeal. We are ready to field our own team of lawyers for this purpose as PDP’s complicity in this assault on Article 370 is beyond any doubt. So – their intentions to mount a weak defense are evident,” the NC Working President said.

He said, “the need of the hour was to emulate the courage of those martyrs by pledging to uphold their sacrifices. We need to understand that the cause of our political identity and that of our political autonomy stands threatened by external as well as internal foes and conspirators. It is because of the sacrifices of these martyrs and thousands like them that we have a flag and an identity today. It then becomes our sacred duty to protect our flag, to protect our unique political identity and to thwart all attempts to dilute Article 370 and our special status. That would be the best homage to these valiant heroes and martyrs.”

“Let me also say the people of J&K are not saleable and cannot be bought and sold through economic packages while their political rights and their dignity is bartered. When Sheikh Sahib was incarcerated, Bakshi Ghulam Mohammad got numerous economic packages and a flood of money and slush funds. We all know how futile that nefarious plan turned out to be. Our party and our people are the vanguards in a battle to safeguard our State from all evil plans – and economic packages won’t change that,” Omar said.

The NC Working President also expressed amusement at how J&K Chief Minister Mufti Mohammad Sayeed flew to Delhi to throw an Iftaar Party for the BJP and how brazenly the same party was boycotted by the BJP.

“Throwing a party in Delhi with the exchequer’s money, the Chief Minister of the State is bending over backwards to flatter and please the BJP. What is tragic is the fact that the CM’s Delhi Iftaar Party was boycotted by the BJP. This constant humiliation of the people of this state, this constant lowering of the stature of the CM’s office is tragic and very unfortunate. While one understands Mufti Sahab’s compulsions to please and flatter the BJP, to subject the CM’s Office to such indignity is very unfortunate,” he added.


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