NC Demands Judicial Probe or CBI Enquiry in VK Singh’s Secret Unit

KL Report


The National Conference today demanded a CBI Enquiry or a high-level probe into the functioning of a top secret intelligence unit set up by previous chief General V K Singh, which was alleged to have used secret service funds to destabilize the Omar Abdullah government in Jammu and Kashmir

In a press conference held at his residence the National Conference provincial President Nasir Aslam Wani said, “Issue of destabilizing the current government by former Army Chief VK Singh as alleged by the Indian Express is of a very serious matter and can’t be brushed aside or dismissed.”

“This issue needs a thorough probe and no attempt should be made to cover up and as such we demand a judicial probe under a sitting judge of the Supreme Court or at the least by the CBI,” said Nasir adding that the finding of which must be made public without any delay.

“As such we demand that all the people from the state or outside who are involved overtly or covertly are made public and punished,” he said.

“Jammu and Kashmir has suffered at the machinations of people who have tried time and again to demean the elected government and this alleged report substantiates that there are people who want to dent the credibility of democratic institution that India is known for,” said Nasir.

Stating that the media reports have again brought to fore the Machil Encounter the provincial president said, “In 2010, a series of events resulted in the sort of protests that you saw on the streets and the origins of that lie in a fake encounter that took place in North Kashmir’s Machil,” and added, “These protest that spiraled vindicates our stand that the entire 2010 could also have been orchestrated.”


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