NC Demands Thorough Probe Into Srinagar Encounter

SRINAGAR: The Jammu and Kashmir National Conference on Wednesday sought a time-bound inquiry into the circumstances leading to the killing of three persons at an encounter site in Hokarsar area of Srinagar suburbs, saying the justice must be immediately delivered by investigating the matter on impartial, fast track basis.

Army and Police personnel stand guard near the encounter site at Lawaypora area of Srinagar city on Wednesday 30 December 2020. KL Image by Bilal Bahadur

Party’s Additional Spokesperson Sarah Shah said the versions of people and family pertaining to the killing of three people at an encounter site in Srinagar suburb are contradictory, therefore the situation necessitates the constitution of a fact-finding team that could reveal the circumstances that will probe the matter on a fast track basis.

“The police version is that the trio was militants who refused to surrender during the gunfight were killed, but the version of families of the slain is contradictory to that of the police version. It is for the government now to clear the ambiguity leading to the death of the three persons. We have been hearing from government quarters that there would be zero tolerance for human rights violations but on the ground, such high-pitched claims emanating from a government stand debunked in wake of such killings. Therefore we demand a thorough inquiry into the incident on behalf of my party. I also take this opportunity to express my unison with the bereaved families in their hour of grief and pain,” she said.


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