NC For Inclusiveness, Says Rana

KL Report


National Conference has never been driven by myopic or partisan politics, Provincial President Devender Singh Rana on Sunday said. Its foundations are based on inclusiveness with opportunities of progress for all, irrespective or regional, racial or religious affiliations.

“We have all along rejected politics based on region, religion or caste, as it is not only alien to our glorious ethos but the cherished principles of Sher-e-Kashmir Sheikh Mohammed Abdullah”, Rana, who is also Member Legislative Council, said while laying foundation stone of mini stadium at Dhok Waziran in Nagrota.

Rana decried the politics of division and hatred and said those perpetrating and promoting it were, in fact, doing irreparable harm to the interests of the state and the nation. “Treading this path may be full of thorns but for the overall good of the state and its people, National Conference has all along made this as its political philosophy and offered sacrifices to harness it at all the levels”, he added.

Taking “divisive and opportunistic politicians” head on, Rana said they were playing with fire by instigating people on communal and regional lines as part of vote bank strategy. In this process, they have lost their direction and sense of proportion as to what was right and wrong for the people of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh.

“These elements will come in different guises before you and try to emotional exploitation as part of their sinister plan to create wedge and polarisation between communities”, Rana said while cautioning that such a catastrophe will push the state to morass. He asked the people to maintain unity and foil the attempts of vested interests.

Referring to dubious machinations of political actors in the State, Rana said personal ambitious and greed have rendered them as burden to the parties they belong to instead of assets that could be channelized for the overall good of the state. He made a mention of the exposure made by Chief Minister Omar Abdullah recently in Jammu, by unveiling the real faces of tainted BJP legislators who were pushing for largesse to their kin rather than highlighting the problems of their electors and supporters.
“Such tendencies have brought ill repute to political class as such and cast suspicions in the public mind”, Rana said while exhorting the people to be judges of the performers of their chosen representatives.

“In order to insulate themselves from further exposure, some of the named legislators unsuccessfully attempted to incite passions by indulging in falsehood, which, however, failed to hoodwink public opinion”, Rana said while saluting the political sagacity of the people.


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