NC HQs Is Power Tariff Defaulter: Hurriyat (m)

KL Report

Dr Farooq Abdullah’s statement about thievery of Kashmris on power tariff issue was extensively reacted and condemned. The moderate Hurriyat added a new angle: the party that Dr Farooq heads has its party headquarters falling in the list of defaulters.

Apart from accusing Dr Abdullah of plundered state’s water resources for power and personal luxury, the Hurriyat (m) spokesman alleged the party’s Nawa-ie-Subh headquarters have skipped paying power dues.

“Before doing so (making a statement) Farooq Abdullah should have looked into his own doings where he would come to know to about the damage he and his party has done to the people of Kashmir politically, economically and socially,” the spokesman said. “During their rule Farooq Abdullah and his party handed over the most precious resource like water resources of Kashmir to Indian companies in a most dishonest manner so as to make material gains and keep his political bosses in New Delhi in good humor.”

The spokesman said reports earlier published have included Nawai-ie-Subh, high government functionaries and departments as the biggest defaulters of payment of electricity bills.


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