NC Appeals To Maintain Peace

KL Report


Senior National Conference leaders on Saturday made a fervent appeal to the people of Jammu and Kashmir to maintain peace, harmony and tranquility at all costs by isolating peace inimical elements.

“The spirit of amity and tranquality, despite grave provocations from time to time, has been high point of the pluralistic ethos that distinguishes the State in the entire country”, they maintained.

In a joint statement the National Conference leaders  said that Jammu and Kashmir has been an abode of peace where people of different faiths have been living in complete harmony and brotherhood from times immemorial. They said that any sort of discord among different sections of the society does not go well with the time tested unity and glorious traditional of the State that has been a shinning and proud symbol of Hindu, Muslim, Sikh and Christian brotherhood.

“This has been the guiding force of National Conference that fought for preserving and maintaining this spirit under the towering leadership of Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah during most testing times. We inherit this legacy and would do all that is necessary for strengthening the bonds of amity between various communities”, they asserted.

Urging the people to rise above party politics and work for sustaining and strengthening the communal harmony and peace across the State, NC leaders said that this is the time when all political parties should join hands and isolate those who want to create wedge between different communities. Whosoever suffers due to discord are essentially the members of the larger family of Jammu and Kashmir, they said, adding that their pains and agonies are being shared by one and all.

The National Conference leaders appealed to the people in general and political, social and religious organisations in particular to exercise maximum restraint and work for restoring peace in the area on immediate basis, besides maintaining brotherhood across the State. “We should not allow ourselves to get swayed by emotions and provocations of elements inimical to peace and maintain the brotherhood and amity at all costly”, they pledged.


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