NC MP Meet Film Hiader Crew

KL Report


National Conference (NC) MP Dr Mehboob Beigh Saturday met the cast and crew of the film ‘Haider’, being shot in Kashmir and regretted for inconvenience they had to face some days earlier in old city.

“I personally approached them and apologized for the inconvenience they had to face in the old city some days earlier,” Beigh told local news gatherer KNS.

He stated further that while he was on the constituency visit in south Kashmir, he came to know that a film crew of ‘Haider’ is shooting in some area of the town. “They were shooting in our area and I personally went to meet them so that I could express my regrets over the recent incident.”
Beigh said that he met the director of the film ‘Haider’ and also its lead actor Shahid Kapoor. “I assured them of all possible assistance.”

Beigh said that he assured the film team that there will be all possible help from the side of the government at their disposal and they can shoot at ease in any area across the valley. “They film crew was satisfied over the generosity being shown to them by the people here.”


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