NC, PDP leaders are glorified Ikhwanis: Sajad Lone

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Jammu and Kashmir Peoples Conference Chairman Sajad Gani Lone Friday alleged National Conference and the Peoples Democratic Party are ‘glorifying Ikhwanis’ and ‘intentionally facilitating the massacres and killings of Kashmiris in their unique white collar style’.

“PDP patron Mufti Muhammad Sayeed who became the Home minister of India in ‘90s presided over the worst excesses committed in Kashmir,” Lone said adding “He sent Jagmohan as the governor and we all know Jagmohan was consumed with hatred for the Kashmiris and he executed his tough policies of catch and kill with the blessing of Mufti.”

Lone said, “It was during Mufti’s tenure as Home Minister that AFSPA was extended to the Valley.”

Lone was addressing public meetings in North Kashmir to campaign for party candidate Salamuddin Bajad.

He said that Farooq Abdullah after becoming Chief Minister in a selection process which was branded as election in 1996- pushed the whole state in the grip of Ikhwan rule.

“Prior to 1996, Farooq was hopping from one international forum to another defending those who were indulging in human rights violations in Kashmir and after becoming the Chief Minister he was in the most vindictive mood trying his best to punish the Kashmiris,” Lone said.

“They (NC and PDP) are nothing short of glorified Ikhwanis. The only difference is that they wear a tie and act behind the curtains like cowards,” Lone said.

“For every injustice meted out to the Kashmiris, for every humiliation suffered by the Kashmiris, for all those killings, for all those carnages in Kashmir both the parties (NC and PDP) and their leaders have their signatures on every atrocity,” he alleged.

Lone said both the NC and the PDP have the same ideology as the BJP and the Congress.

“Don’t get mislead by the sloganeering and rhetoric of the two parties. Give me one instance when they have suffered or sacrificed for the sake of the Kashmir cause. Their Kashmiri leanings do not stretch beyond the newspaper statements”, Lone said.

Lone said it is time people come forward and through their vote make the distinction between a pro Kashmiri and an anti-Kashmiri entity.

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