NC relying on violence and boycott: Mufti

 KL Report


Accusing National Conference (NC) of orchestrating latest spate of civilian killings, PDP Patron Mufti Mohammad Sayeed Wednesday said “innocent blood-letting is timed only to benefit NC in the elections as the party is solely banking on bloodshed and boycott for its survival.”

“Dr Farooq Abdullah’s threat of attacking PDP cadres with bombs and bullets is being implemented by targeting the party’s activists and the recent killings at Dogripora, Gulzarpora, Amlar and Butgund are the part of the same gory game-plan of NC,” Mufti said while addressing an election rally in the Khansahab assembly segment of Srinagar-Budgam Parliamentary constituency.

He said perhaps not content with shedding innocent blood, NC’s cohorts are using all “dirty tricks” to ensure poll boycott. “We have the information that several areas in South Kashmir have been flooded with bogus threatening posters and rumour mongers are having a field day to create panic among the people,” he said.

Mufti said after having presided over five and a half years of disastrous governance, NC sees its only chance in enforcing poll boycott so it could click to power by default as it did in 2008. “But the emancipated voters know well that NC wants to perpetuate instability and bloodshed for which it has been promoting violence as a tool,” he said and urged the people to vote for PDP and give the party a chance to work for changing the destiny of the state.

“Let the people judge the performance of the three immediate successive regimes from 1996-2002, 2002-2008 and 2008-2013 and make a choice for them for 2014-2020 accordingly,” she said and added that the people have already written-off NC as one of the misfortunes that was foisted on the State only to push it into the most tragic era of death and destruction.


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