NC says Mehbooba’s Defeat from Islamabad Inevitable



Omar Abdullah
Omar Abdullah

National Conference Friday said Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti’s defeat from the Islamabad assembly constituency was inevitable and a foregone conclusion. A National Conference Spokesperson said the PDP-BJP Government’s desperate, last-minute move of seeking deferment of the Islamabad seat by-election was a clear sign of PDP’s fear of reprisal on the grassroots level after its political surrenders and successive U-turns on all its promises.

“We now have a Chief Minister who is terrified of standing for her own election to the Legislative Assembly. Nothing could be a louder indictment of the opportunistic PDP-BJP Alliance, the failed State Government and Mehbooba Mufti herself. She knows her defeat from Islamabad is inevitable and she is hence terrified of contesting from the seat that her own father and PDP Patron, Late Mufti Sahab had won in 2014”, the NC Spokesperson said in a statement issued from Party Headquarters in Srinagar.

The NC Spokesperson said Mehbooba Mufti’s complete lack of confidence to stand for election to the Legislative Assembly was also partly due to the fact that she was aware of the internal rebellion against her leadership within her party.

The NC Spokesperson lashed out at Mehbooba Mufti for putting the State’s Tourism Industry in particular and economy in general in peril by misleading the Election Commission and consequently the entire country into believing that situation in the Valley was tense and unstable. “By this declaration of lack of normalcy in the Valley, Mehbooba Mufti has seriously damaged the pace and potential of economic recovery in Kashmir after the devastating floods of 2014. Rather than showcasing Kashmir in a positive light in the rest of the country – which is the need of the hour, Mehbooba Mufti has unfortunately chosen to augment the negative stereotype of perpetual violence and political strife in Kashmir in order to run away from her own election to the Legislative Assembly”, the NC Spokesperson added.

Hitting out at PDP, the NC Spokesperson asked the party to clarify how it found the then situation completely normal and conducive to hold elections just days after the devastating floods of 2014 if it finds the situation non-conducive today? “When hundreds and thousands of flood victims were out on the roads with their homes and businesses devastated by the fury of an unprecedented flood, Mehbooba Mufti and PDP foisted elections on the State to draw political dividends from a natural calamity. At that time PDP asked its then tactical (and now formal) alliance partner – the BJP to ensure that elections are held in J&K as soon as possible even if that meant brining the relief and rehabilitation process to a grinding halt due to the electoral model code of conduct. Today the same party is inventing excuses to save its Chief Minister from the unprecedented humiliation of an electoral defeat while in office”, the NC Spokesperson stated.

“While Mehbooba Mufti might have succeeded in using her influence with the BJP and in New Delhi to get the Islamabad by-election postponed, she should know that her defeat from Islamabad is imminent and inevitable. It’s just a matter of time. For now, Mehbooba Mufti can run away from seeking electoral validation for her leadership but she can’t keep running forever”, the NC Spokesperson said.


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