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Reacting sharply to the comments made by his party spokesperson Junaid Azim Mattoo that 90 % people in Nowhatta are “drug addicts”, “bloody deviants” and “led by a coward”, senior National conference leader and party general secretary Ali Muhammad Sagar on Sunday said that the statement was misleading and that he (Junaid) should explain his position.

Talking to Kashmir Life, Sagar, who is the Member of the Legislative assembly from Khanyar constituency of the Srinagar district said that the statement of Junaid is condemnable.

He said that he called Junaid to the party headquarters and asked him to explain his position. “Junaid told me that he had referred to the people who had lynched a DySP,” Sagar said.

Pertinently Junaid on Friday took to social networking sites Facebook and Twitter and posted: 90% of these goons in Nowhatta are drug addicts and bloody deviants. Led by inarguably the biggest coward Kashmir has ever given birth to.

On Saturday again Mattoo took to the social networking sites, this time talking about Sher Bakra.

Junaid wrote: “And lastly, as for abuse and threats by Sheep’s on FB and here – always remember – “It’s better to be a lion for a day than sheep all your life”.

Sheikh Muhamamd Abdullah, the founder of the National Conference is recalled as ‘Lion’ in party circles and his followers are also termed ‘Lions’, while people following the Mirwaiz family are known as ‘Bakras’.

Detrimental to history, the fights between Sher’s and Bakra’s are infamously popular.

The comments of Junaid, who has served many groups and parties in the past, didn’t go well with the people.

The social network users of Kashmir reacted sharply to Junaid and “some even reminded him of his past”.

Writing on his FB columnist Mehboob Makhdoomi wrote about his ‘former colleague’ at World Kashmiri Student Association: “You’re not worth a broken nail of youth of my Nowhatta. The people of Nowhatta in specific & downtown in general have paid through nose for Kashmir’s collective movement. You’re a thug, Junaid.”

Makhdoomi went on to write that he threw Junaid out of his group back in 2008 when according to him he pretended to be “pro-movement”.

He wrote that Junaid was trying to make a career by resorting to such outrageous comments. “Aren’t you living off an Indian stipend? And stop emailing me from fake IDs. You’ve no sympathy with the people of Kashmir.

He concluded by terming Junaid a collaborator.

Meanwhile, national spokesperson of National Conference Aga Syed Roohullah said that whatever Junaid has said is not the position of the party.

“This is not the time to instigate the people rather introspect in the backdrop of Nowhatta lynching incident.”

National Conference Senior Leader Ali Muhammad Sagar. KL Image/Bilal Bhadur

When asked if party will initiate any action against Junaid, Roohullah said, “It is for the party president to decide whether he will initiate any action against Junaid. I am not in a position to answer that question.”

Meanwhile, Sagar said that he received a number of calls from the senior members of Awami Action Committee and they were concerned about Junaid’s comments.

Agha Syed Ruhulla

He said that the comments have hurt the locals and that the people of Nowhatta are respectable citizens. “They are politically mature people. Mirwaiz family is a respectable family and targeting the family is outrageous,” he said.

When asked about the Sher Bakras comments made by Junaid, Sagar said that this is unacceptable and that Junaid should immediately clarify his position.

Lately today, Junaid again apparently in reference to the “the followers of Mirwaiz family” wrote:

“What do you call an unemployed goat? Billy Idol.

What do you call a goat at sea? Billy Ocean.

What do you call a goat in a night gown?”

Soon after this Kashmir Life news story was published, Matto took to twitter and retweeted the story with these remarks: I stand by every single comment I have made in my personal capacity. I haven’t been asked for any explanation and i haven’t given any!

Later National Conference working President and former Chief Minister, Omar Abdullah while replying to Junaid said: Don’t be silly Junaid, no one in the party is taking any action against you. You haven’t abused any one or misused your position at all.

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