NC terms BJP as worst enemy of Jammu

KL Report


Describing Bharatiya Janta Party as worst enemy of the Jammu region, senior National Conference leaders, Minister for Planning and Development Ajay Sadhotra and Provincial President Devinder Singh Rana on Tuesday accused its legislators of bartering the trust of electors for personal gains.

“It is astonishing that after being caught and punished for indulging in unethical practices during 2011 Legislative Council elections, BJP High Command took back the dispelled legislators into fold, showing high degree of insensitivity and political bankruptcy”, Mr Sadhotra said while addressing party workers at Katra, Lornu Bhaga, Pouni, Bhamla and other places in Reasi Constituency.

Sadhotra said that playing with public sentiment has been the trait of BJP which has always indulged in deceit and deception to further its sinister political agenda. He said BJP legislators betrayed their voters by not representing their aspirations or seeking solution to their problems and instead created obstructions in the process of development and implementation of various welfare programmes. He referred to the track record of BJP legislators during the past five years and said that except for indulging in leg pulling between them and shying away from getting engaged into constructive discourse, their role has been dismal as far as public interest is concerned.

“With such a credibility deficit how can they justify their representation in Parliament”, he said while exhorting the people to reject the obstructionists by electing the alliance candidates in the ongoing elections to Lok Sabha for representing the genuine aspirations of the region in particular and the state in general.

Speaking on the occasion, the Provincial President Devinder Singh Rana said that dividing people on communal lines is not going to help the BJP to overcome its inherent problems, especially in Jammu that has been shining example of unity in diversity in true spirit of the composite ethos of the State. “BJP cannot always derive political benefits by riding the demon of communalism”, he said, adding that politically conscious voters will not get swayed by rhetoric, as they are capable of exercising their discretion on merits. He said the people want development and good governance, which, he added, cannot be compensated by hollow slogans.

Referring to raking up of contentious issue like Article 370, Rana said it has been much beaten weapon of the BJP which gets activated only when elections are round the corner. “Therefore, this gimmick deserves to be ignored with contempt, as those piloting such irrelevant ideas know well that this constitutional proviso cannot even be debated, least scrapped”, he said while taking pity on the desperation of saffron brigade for invoking religion into the electoral battle. He questioned the BJP leadership as to why they maintained silence over the offer of National Conference to discuss Article 370.


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