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National Conference (NC) on Friday termed the allegation leveled against Shabir Khan ‘multidimensional’ and can be a ‘conspiracy’ against the present coalition government.

“There are so many dimensions to this issue that must not be undermined. There is no dearth of enemies of the present coalition government,” said NC additional general secretary Mustafa Kamal.

He told the KNS that the case being sub-judice must be investigated thoroughly. “Once the case is thoroughly examined then only the truth could come to fore and people will know that whether it is true or simply a ploy against the present coalition government.”

Kamal further said that the incident could have been staged also to defame the very bases of credibility of the state government. “Earlier also the infamous sex scandal was unearthed in the state and several politicians were accused but at the end of the day only two were punished.” Kamal stated that no one is above the law and everyone must wait for the final verdict.


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