NC Treats JK As Its Enterprise: Awami Ittihaad

KL Report


Expressing serious concern over the recent statement of Additional General Secretary of National Conference Mustafa Kamal, wherein the later had mentioned that Farooq Renzu was ‘incompetent’ for the posts that were given to him by NC,  Awami Ittihaad Party (AIP) Monday said that it proves how NC acts as a ‘shield’ for the ‘Corrupt’ and ‘Incompetent’ bureaucrats in  the state.

In a statement issued to CNS, the spokesperson said that the recent statement of Kamal vindicates that the National conference considers Jammu and Kashmir as an ‘enterprise’ for Sheikh Family.

He further alleged that government is shielding the ‘corrupt and incompetent’ bureaucrats only for its own vested interests.

“Kamal’s statement should be an eye-opener for the people about the apathy of the people of this unfortunate land,” the party said alleging that members of  Sheikh Family are acting as the ‘colonizers’ of the state of Jammu and Kashmir and promote any person on the prestigious posts.

“The Statement of Mustafa kamal has once again made us to think that why the state government was acting as mute spectator when it knew that Renzu is involved in corrupt practices.” The spokesman further stated that the nation is always at loss in which politicians interfere in the civil administration.

Awami Ittihad has also appealed the KAS and IAS qualifiers of the state to raise their concerns against the political interference in the civil service set up of the state.


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