NC Will Join Hands With BJP, Reiterates Sajad Lone

SRINAGAR: The JK People’s Conference President Sajad Gani Lone on Wednesday said that the National Conference won’t shy away from compromising on the identity and respect of Kashmiris for the sake of elections.

“National Conference (NC), will be the first party to go with a begging bowl to the BJP and compromise the respect and identity of Kashmiris whenever and if ever assembly elections are held,” he said, adding that the NC has allied with the BJP in the past and will do it again in the future due to their own compulsions and constraints given the serious cases against the father and son.

Addressing a gathering in Trehgam Constituency PC President Sajad Gani Lone said that his party aims to provide new perspective on governance and leadership.

“Our agenda is to prioritize the welfare of people over political interests. Our policies are people-centric,” he said.

Lone further emphasized the need to address the concerns faced by contractors in Jammu and Kashmir. He said that he will write a letter to the Prime Minister and Home Minister to address the problems faced by contractors regarding verification by the CID.

“The current administration needs to understand that there was an era of revenge in the state of Jammu and Kashmir in the past decades. Most people labeled as OGWs in previous NC regimes were basically political workers of opposition parties and must not be punished for their political beliefs”, he added.

He further questioned the legality of punishing a father or son for the deeds of their family members stating that this goes against the law of natural justice and individual rights.

“Nowhere in the world is there a law that punishes individuals for the deeds of their family members. The Prime Minister and Home Minister must take a closer look at such issues faced by contractors and common people. Such practices are against the law of natural justice and individual rights and should not be upheld in a democratic society” he added.


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