Crush Exam Stress: Top Tips For Students

by Aiman Fayaz

Exam stress is a common tension that affects students of all ages. It is completely normal to feel anxious or stressed before and during an exam, as exams are often seen as a test of one’s knowledge, skills, and abilities. A small amount of stress can challenge and stimulate you to work harder. However, when stress becomes overwhelming, it can have negative effects on a student’s performance and overall well-being.

To manage stress levels during exams, here are some helpful strategies:

Prepare in advance

Preparing for exams in advance can help you score better compared to those who cram the night before the exam. Breaking bigger chunks of the syllabus into smaller ones can help you learn better and reduce anxiety.

Organize your study area

Make a study schedule before preparing for exams and keep all the books, notes, or study material in a designated study room. It will help you keep track of the syllabus that you have to study later on.

Take frequent breaks

Taking breaks during your study session gives your mind a chance to refresh and rejuvenate energy. It is as important as studying. So, take frequent breaks in between study sessions.

Avoid rote memorization and try to understand the concepts

Instead of rote memorization, dedicate time to understanding concepts and practice enough questions.

Eat well and exercise

A healthy diet and regular exercise can help you cope with stress, improve your concentration, and focus.

Avoid distractions

Social media and other distractions waste time and decrease productivity. It is essential to stay focused and avoid any distractions.

Seek help

Don’t hesitate to seek support from friends, family, or a teacher about how you are feeling. Alternatively, seek professional help and support.

Remember that exams have a beginning and an end. The stress that goes along with exams should end with them. After the exam, try to relax and take a break.


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