NCs Ideology Is Power, Says Muzaffar Beig

KL Report


Reacting sharply to Chief Minister Omar Abdullah’s statement that Lok Sabha polls are an ideological battle, PDP’s North Kashmir candidate and former Deputy Chief Minister Muzaffar Hussain Baig said NC has only one ideology – ‘power at any cost’. Baig sees Lok Sabha elections a crucial first step towards a change in the system and governance of J&K.

“It (elections) of course is a battle, but it will be between the arrogance of power that has blinded the NC to people’s problems on the one side and humility , a political vision and road map for development on the other which PDP represents,” Beig told a party gathering. “NC has degenerated as a political party into mere power broking structure that has had only the numerical strength in the assembly, but always lacked the credibility of a ruling party.”

Baig said the Lok sabha elections will be a good measure to determine the future course of J&Ks history. “It could send NC and its exploitative structure into the dust bin of history,” he said. He sees this election time an hour of reckoning for all political parties.

Attacking Omar for his other statement suggesting “Dr Farooq was never my best friend”, Baig said this is an attempt by Omar to distance himself from his father. Dr Abdullah, Baig said, is topping the unpopularity charts for his recent abusive statements against people of Kashmir. “Omar has realised that by calling Kashmiris Maha Chors (big thieves) Farooq has finally burnt his bridges with the people who have for decades helped the family to enjoy luxuries,” Baig said.

Baig said Farooq’s statement is in fact the explanation of “pot calling kettle black” as he is facing a serious charges of embezzlement in the cricket scam in which the police has reportedly established his involvement. “Omar is personally in the dock for the suspicious death of Haji Yousuf and the dirty money that the Abdullahs have been collecting to fix mandates and ministerial positions,” Baig said.


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