NC headquarters Nawa-e-Subha
NC headquarters Nawa-e-Subha in this file pic.

Flames that erupted in National Conference’s Headquarters or Nerve Centre Sunday morning have caused extensive damage to building, but all documents besides rare objects are safe, says NC spokesperson, Junaid Azim Mattu.

“Fire has caused extensive damage to the building,” Mattu told Kashmir Life. “Besides fire, water-logging caused by firefighting has further damaged the structure.” But, he says, all paper works and other things stand safe—though maintains, “We are yet to carry any damage assessment.”

Fire broke out at the Nawa-e-Subh complex early Sunday morning, which was brought under control by firemen. The cause of the fire, says Mattu, is not yet to be ascertained.

Located at the banks of Jhelum near Srinagar’s Zero Bridge, Nawa-e-Subah (NeS) or the new morning had earlier suffered damages in 2014 September floods.

Sunday’s flames that erupted in Kashmir’s grand old political party’s headquarters is the second instance when NC HQ was caught in a fire.

Earlier flames erupted in NC’s erstwhile bastion—Mujahid Manzil (MM) in old city. A hotbed of Kashmir politics for around seven decades, MM was torched by ‘suspected militants’ in 1994—forcing NC to shift its headquarters to NeS complex in the secured uptown.

In fact, last year in November, NC had completed twenty years of shifting its political base from Mujahid Manzil (MM) to Nawa-e-Subh.


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