NC’s Remarkable Defeat Will Begin From The Streets Of Sgr: Abid Ansari

KL Report


Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) leader and brother of late Molvi Iftikhar Hussain Ansari, Abid Ansari Tuesday castigated National Conference (NC) over its demand of delaying the state elections, saying the party advocated conduction of polls in 2008- when everyone here wanted pacification of the perturbed situation.

“NC itself is aware of the fact that it’s befitting defeat is inevitable during the forthcoming state elections and now it’s bizarre arguments would never help it. This is the party that demanded early elections in 2008 when entire Kashmir was burning. This is the party that is power hungry and can do anything to grab the same,” Abid Ansari told KNS.

He added that the reason behind NC asking for the delay in state elections is because the party is aware about is defeat and that it wants to enjoy power for few more days. Abid maintained that by holding polls on due date, Kashmir will not only be freed from the ‘anarchic’ NC regime “but also the relief and rehabilitation measures would be taken in full swing.”

“We are committed in rebuilding the Kashmir once again so that the flood vicitms are relived from the agonized pain as early as possible,” Ansari maintained.

The PDP candidate for Srinagar’s Zadibal constituency also claimed that during the coming elections, the tale of NC’s remarkable defeat will begin from the streets of Srinagar and its chapter will be closed from State’s politics during the times ahead.

He also stressed that the PDP wants the relief and rehabilitation measures to continue amid polls and apolitical approach must be adopted for the fair distribution of compensation and relief.

Abid said that Governor’s rule if imposed in the state of Jammu and Kashmir would in no way prove helpful to the people as the same could create hurdles in peoples’ contact with  the government authorities.


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