NDTV’s Nazir Masoodi Adjudged India’s Best TV Reporter In 2019

SRINAGAR: NDTV’s Nazir Masoodi, the senior Kashmiri TV reporter, was adjudged the best Television reporter by Indian National TV (NT awards) for 2019 in English across channels. He was awarded for the coverage of the post-August 2019 in which Masoodi had emerged as one of the few journalists who was reporting from ground zero.

NDTV reporter Nazir Masoodi awarded

“It was challenging to report Kashmir after August 2019 when all the newsmakers were behind bars and nobody was willing to come forward and talk,” Masoodi told Kashmir Life. “It was a reporting from the ground in the face of threats and intimidation but the truth had to be told because I personally think it was the second major event in Kashmir’s history after 1846 when Kashmir was sold and purchased.” He reported Kashmir at a time when the only official response would come in a press conference.

NDTV journalist Nazir Masoodi with interviewing Sanji Ram Patwari in Rasana. His reportage is termed crucial in making Asifa an all India issue

Masoodi said that had he not been able to report the situation on the ground, he might have called it a day and given up the job of being a journalist. “This is an event that comes once in a reporter’s life when he has to tell the truth for history,” Masoodi said, thanking the jury that acknowledging his efforts.

After the Article 370 was read down on August 5, the people in Kashmir would remain hooked to the NDTV because it had emerged as the only media platform in the TV category that would fairly offer the idea of the ground. The curfew that remained in force for many months did not see the newspapers from Delhi actually being distributed in Kashmir and the internet also remained locked. In that situation, NDTV was the lone source of credible information from the deserted streets of Srinagar.

Nazir has been in active journalism for almost 25 years now. After initially writing in the vernacular media, Nazir covered the 1996 assembly elections for the Radio Kashmir, Srinagar. He then moved to The Week magazine and eventually landed in The Indian Express where he perfected the art of reporting Kashmir. He eventually migrated from print to the electronic media and joined the NDTV.


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