New Administrative Units Offering 10521 Jobs, 358 Gazetted

KL Report


The creation of new 670 administrative units by the state government will create a upsurge in the requirement of administrators. While the government will fast-forward the departmental promotions, there is likelihood of Public Service Commission being asked to increase the KAS in-take in 2014.

The cabinet approved report of the Cabinet Sub Committee (CSC) has put the overall manpower requirement for manning the new units at 10521. But it might end up at more.

Offering the break-up, the CSC report suggests the requirement of creating 358 gazetted positions and 10163 non-gazetted positions.

As many as 46 gazetted positions are required in sub divisions besides 874 non gazette officials. The newly created tehsils would require 135 gazetted officers and 3288 non gazette cadres. In case of community development blocks, the CSC has put the requirement of 177 gazetted and 3894 non-gazetted officials. In case of Niabat’s there is no gazette requirement but they would be manned by 2107 non gazette cadres.

The revenue expenditure – the yearly spend, mostly on the recurring expenditure including salaries, would cost Rs 225.51 crore, according to CSC report.

Given the liquidity crunch of the state, the government may possible manage part of the human resource requirement from the existing staffers as was done in case of eight districts that former Chief Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad created. A section of the employees in those districts were managed from the surplus staff of various PSUs. However, in this case, the government may still require making fresh appointments.

The cabinet has already approved the recommendation of the CSC that the respective departments must start the process managing staff for the newly created units and complete it within four months. By another recommendation, the planning department has been asked to create the positions so that the recruiting agencies make appointments on fast track basis.


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