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The new Units that have created a storm in Kashmir Valley has not stopped yet. Hundreds of people in their respective areas staged a massive protest against the State Government alleging that their areas were deprived from granting tehsils in a planned way.

According to CNS, hundreds of residents from Barsoo area of Central Kashmir’s Ganderbal district took to streets on Tuesday and staged anti government protests. The protestors carrying banners and placards alleged that Barsoo area was ignored intentionally and they will continue to protest till their area is not being granted Tehsil status.

Some of the protestors resorted to stone-pelting when police tried to pacify them. Police exercised maximum restraint while dealing with protesters.

Meanwhile, the residents of Gund Khawaja Qasim in North Kashmir’s Pattan town organized a protest rally in the area. “Not speaking of Tehsil status, even our area was not granted Block status. It is irony that those areas were made Tehsils and Blocks which were not deserving,” one of the protester Ghulam Hasan said.

The residents of Khrew Pampore continued their protests for the consecutive third day. The protesters threatened of starting a massive agitation against the government in case Khrew is not granted tehsil status.

Meanwhile, hundreds of residents from Lurgam Tral took to streets on Tuesday and alleged that their nearby village Aaripal was granted tehsil despite the fact it does not possess any government offices. “Lurgam is comprised of all government offices yet it was ignored by the government for the reasons better known to the government,” one of the protesters Shabir Ahmed said.

Reports of protests were also reported from Ganiwan Kangan, Tahab Pulwama, Kaprin Shopian, Wachi and other areas of Kashmir.

Lassipora, which houses the biggest industries of the State in South Kashmir’s Pulwama district, observed complete shutdown for the consecutive third day against the government for ignoring their area.


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