New arsenal to ‘stink’ Kashmir streets



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For Kashmir the fragrant image Kannauj, a small town in north Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, will soon turn stinky if the government of India gives a go-ahead to the plans of adding the much touted ‘stink bomb’ to the state’s anti-protest armoury.

Kannauj is known for its perfume industry. Scientists at Fragrance and Flavour Development Centre (FFDC) have created a special capsule like bomb which release stinky smokes of repugnant odour once it explodes to repel the protestors. The scientists say that the grenade has no health hazards.

During 2016 uprising, state forces used pellet guns on protestors in streets blinding hundreds of protestors. It drew international criticism. Besides causing blinding, pellets at times showed lethal consequences.

Last year during the peak of pellet crises government of India constituted a committee to look for alternative non-lethal methods and weapons of crowed control.

The stink bomb is expected to be put to use in Kashmir only after it gets clearance from DRDO and ministry of defence.


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