New Delhi behind braid chopping in Kashmir: Jama’at


Jama’at-e-Islami Jammu & Kashmir on Thursday expresseed concern over continues braid chopping incidents in valley and termed it a part of “deep rooted conspiracy”.

“For several weeks many parts of valley witnessed braid chopping of teen girls especially in South Kashmir which has left women folk in chaos and confusions. In this atmosphere teen girls are scared from coming out their homes even men are hesitating to come out for Fajr and Isha prayers as they feel more such attacks can happen in their absence,” a statement of Jama’at said.

It added that New-Delhi is “hell bent” to derail the pace of freedom struggle which has gained momentum after July 2016 as people from all walks of life are contributing in it to get the freedom from India.

“To put obstacles in the movement, New-Delhi has come up with such mean tactics to harass people of Kashmir psychologically as such tools were being used in past as well. During 1990’s “ghost” tactic was used to threaten and suppress the voice of Kashmiris but Almighty Allah failed the nefarious design of New-Delhi and hence got disappointed to distract people of valley from the goal of Azadi.”

A spokesperson of Jama’at condemned the “cheap and shameful tactics of New-Delhi” and termed it a well planned design to divert people’s attachment from freedom movement and appealed Kashmiris to be united to disallow braid chopping incidents with bravery and courage.

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