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Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) chairman Mohammad Yasin Malik Friday questioned that when there is no intention to resolve Kashmir issue, what are dialogue and negotiations meant for?

“Every pro-India party and politician of Jammu Kashmir is an Indian stooge whose only job is to safeguard the interests of India. Hypocrisy of international community is making this world more and more dangerous place,” Malik said while addressing a gathering at Lal Chowk, Islamabad on Friday.

“We are hearing a lot of hue and cry for dialogue and negotiations. It is our faith and belief that only peaceful negotiations and dialogue can resolve issues and disputes but for achieving this goal the parties involved in the process have to first show sincerity. If any nation believes in dialogue process and wants to resolve issues; it first tries to convince its own people about it. It creates a suitable environment through media and other means and makes its people ready for concessions etc. But in this case Indian government from prime minister to lower ministers and whether it is talking with Pakistan or Kashmiris, is engaged in hard-line rhetoric,” he said.

“Indian rulers are publicly pledging not to give any concessions on Jammu Kashmir. Not to talk about resolving Kashmir dispute, Indian rulers are even publicly having a hardliner approach on state-center issues. One can ask a question that if there is no intention of making progress towards resolving issues what this huge hue and cry of talks and dialogue for?” Malik asked.

The JKLF chairman said that sacrifices rendered by Kashmiris for freedom are not such low weighted and people of Jammu Kashmir are not small children who can be entertained by these kinds of lollypops. “We have tested these photo-session talks and people of Kashmir are now fed up with these kinds of gimmicks. It is our belief that instead of wasting time in this time consuming, fraudulent process that has been used always to hoodwink international and domestic opinion, we all should work hard to strengthen our freedom movement on grassroots level,” he said.

While taking a dig on pro-India parties and politicians of Jammu Kashmir, Malik said, “Be it PDP or NC,BJP, Congress or Communists or any small or big group, all pro-India people are stooges of India whose only job is to safeguard Indian interests in Kashmir. Today those people who ignored our boycott call and voted for so-called ‘keep out BJP rhetoric’, should be feeling shame after watching the same politicians who made noises of BJP danger during election sharing power with the same BJP.”

“Today PDP chief and his daughter are on daily basis announcing that they are Indians by heart and conviction. If these people had courage they should have talked like this during their election campaign and instead of deceiving people in the name of azadi and resolution should have asked votes from them in the name India. Today we hear from these hypocrites that they will safeguard Article 370 as if it is the only thing for which Kashmiris rendered sacrifices. Same was done by NC. It started from azadi and ended on saying Article 370 is the honor of Kashmiris. We want to tell these people that Kashmiri people are not fools and they understand their double speak fully,” he said.


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