‘New Delhi Should Amend Temporary Provision of Article 370’

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Panthers Party Supremo, Prof Bhim Singh Monday strongly advocated that New Delhi should amend the temporary provision of Article 370 to assert that laws made in parliament would have power in Jammu and Kashmir.

Prof Singh also suggested re-opening of dialogue with Pakistan and move the UN against Pakistan’s declaring Gilgit and Baltistan as its sixth province.

Expressed concern over the volatile situation in Kashmir, he said, ‘’I am surprised how the ‘nationalist’ RSS is quiet on the issue.’’ Prof Singh said adding that the present government was a bane for the state.

However, he also asserted that there was no issue that cannot be solved on the table and opined that India should act as an elder brother and Prime Minister Narendra Modi should show the statesmanship like “Atalji” and visit Pakistan.

“The blow hot, blow cold strategy like saas-bahu ka jhagda was counter-productive,’’ he said.

Prof Singh also expressed concern over proximity between Pakistan and China, observing that the fact was that only one-third portion of 84,000 sq miles of Jammu and Kashmir was with India while Pakistan had about 32,000 sq miles and China 20,000 sq miles.

“In addition, China had taken about 5000 sq miles of Karakoram area on 99 years lease from Pakistan and built 60 defence helipads there, posing a major security challenge for India.

‘’It is strange that we don’t talk about China, when we talk of PoK and speak the truth about Kashmir, ‘’ he said.

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