New Order Seeking Attendance Of Teachers In Schools Sparks Confusion

by Sarmad Dev

SRINAGAR: A  recent government order asking vaccinated teachers to attend schools for “administrative purposes” has caused confusion even as the educational institutes for classwork continue to remain closed in view of the Covid-19 pandemic. The latest order extending the closure of schools was issued a few days back.

On August 16, however, an order was circulated stating, “all educational institutions were allowed to call in their staff whenever needed”.

Now the teachers ask that if community classes and online classes are taking place, why do teachers have to physically attend the school?

Speaking to Kashmir Life, a government teacher, who did not want to be identified said: ‘’Before 3rd August we were asked to give volume-based community or online classes as per our own choice. Then we were asked to make preparations for the coming Independence Day and attendance was mandatory. Then the government announced that all schools and colleges will remain closed after the 15th. However, the next day we get the order that the faculty has to attend school every day physically for administrative purposes. I’ve to go every day even if I have nothing to do. This has created a lot of anger among me and my peers as why do we have to go every day.’’

“I usually teach students in a community class environment and on Monday, we all were asked to physically attend school.”

“It’s hard and confusing being there for the students and for my own attendance at the same time,’’ he said.

Many teachers also said that they have not been notified about the issue by their bosses (CEOs). With no clarification given by the administrative departments, the teachers are having a hard time comprehending the whole issue.

Director Of School & Education of Kashmir, Tasaduq Hussain Mir told Kashmir Life, ‘’The same order was circulated on the 2nd of August and nobody raised any issue then, on 16th, the same order was circulated and suddenly everyone wants clarification.’’

He also said that this is a government order and if any teacher has a problem, he or she can take it to the government itself.


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