NGO Ehsaas International Makes Its Monthly Performance Public

SRINAGAR: A Kashmir-based NGO Ehsaas International in association with Dard Welfare supported by ATHWAS UK and BKFC are currently working on four major projects, keeping the ongoing COVID-19 Outbreak into consideration and after consent and formal Approval of the Health & Medical Education department Jammu and Kashmir.

NGO Ehsaas International August Work done Report

According to a statement issued by the NGO said that oxygen being the lifeline of COVID-19 patients and with the increase in a surge in COVID-19 cases, we started the campaign to provide the Oxygen Therapy, wherein, we were able to purchase  (31) Oxygen Concentrators, same were issue to the patients, who were managed at home.

“So far, (70) patients have been registered. More than (60 %) of patients shows recovery, (05) % patients were advised to refer to the COVID -19 designated Hospitals and mortality has been recorded of less than (02) % moreover, first of its kind a toll-free service named as dial A Doctor service wherein, a free teleconsultation has been started with (10) dedicated lines in the backend to facilitate maximum people at any point of time. Around, (300) plus doctors of different specialities across the globe has volunteered their services, serving is 24*7 available,” said the statement.

The statement said that in addition, (990) volunteers have been registered for the Hands-On -Training, wherein, (225) volunteers have been trained so far, out of which (50) volunteers are on job, to evaluate the SPO2 level at the community level to screen the a-symptomatic, unnoticeable  COVID-19 patients. More than (1600) people have been screened so far, (36) people were found with the below-normal oxygen saturation and were routed to the Doctor through Dail-a-Doctor service.

“In addition, (28) live Facebook sessions for which (17) specialities were conducted through our Massive awareness Programme which has covered (1.7) lakh people,” said the statement.


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