NHM ‘Analysis’ Say Delay In Testing, Hospitalization Proves Fatal In Covid19 Patients


by Umar Mukhtar

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SRINAGAR: National Health Mission (NHM) in Jammu and Kashmir has released an analysis of Covid-19 mortality in Jammu and Kashmir. It is based on the data collected by the public health system between April 15 and May 12, 2021.

Mohammad Yasin Choudhary, IAS

During this period, the NHM said 806 Covid19 deaths took place – 31 in Kashmir and 495 in Jammu. It was, however, not immediately known why this particular patch was taken for the analysis.

On basis of how and when the Covid19 patients died, the NHM has made the following observations:

As many as 93% of Covid critical cases who died in this period were unvaccinated, 7% were partially vaccinated. This, according to the NHM establishes that vaccination hugely reduces the chances of death.

The second observation is that delayed testing can prove fatal. “46% of deaths occurred within 3 days of Testing +ve thus indicating that they were well into late stages of infection before they got tested,” the NHM “analysis,” said. It suggested people that if they have symptoms they must quickly go for the test and start treatment early.

It offered regional data. In Jammu, 20% died the same day they tested positive, unlike Kashmir where only 7% died the same day. Within a day of the test, 12% died in Jammu and only 9% in Kashmir. Unlike Jammu’s 18%, Kashmir lost 24% within 2-3 days. The mortality was 29% in 4-6 days in Kashmir unlike 17% in Jammu. In the rest two parameters, there were not many variations between the regions, however.

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The third observation of the “analysis” is that delay in hospitalization directly increases the likelihood of mortality. “49.37% of total deaths were those who arrived just <=3 days before in the hospital,” the “analysis,” said. “So, do not self medicate at home, reach ur nearest triage hospital as soon as Oxygen level dips below 90.”

In Jammu, it said 15% of the patients were brought day in comparison to 8% in Kashmir. It means they were being treated at home or were on self-medication. Unlike Kashmir’s 15%, in Jammu, 20% of patients died within 24 hours after being admitted to the hospital.


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