NHPC an East India Company of Kashmir: Huriyat (G)

KL Report


Expressing its deep concern and anguish over the immoral practices going on in NHPC Uri-I, Hurriyat Conference (G) said on Tuesday that this institution has obtained the status of ‘East India Company’ of British rule and it is not only used to ‘plunder the natural resources of Kashmir but this institution is also being used as the depot of cultural aggression.’

In a statement, while talking about the incident of April 19, Hurriyat (G) said that the incident has also been brought into the notice of police but the action is pending so far. “India had colonized Jammu & Kashmir and treats the natural resources like water, power and forests of this state as its property. NHPC is an institution with which India is controlling our hydroelectricity.”

“This institution has now become launching pad for the cultural aggression of India in Kashmir. NHPC Uri-I is particularly involved in such activities which doesn’t meet our religious and social traditions,” reads the statement, adding that a delegation of the local people came to the Hurriyat office and said that they noticed some suspicious activities on 19 April and when police was informed in this regard, their doubt proved right. However the people complained that the police although arrested one of the senior officer of NHPC in this regard but afterwards the issue is taking a shape of a secret and police are not disclosing the progress report of the case. People expressed their apprehension about the hushing up of this case.


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