NHRC Chief Praises Home Minister For “New Era” In Jammu Kashmir

SRINAGAR: The NHRC Chief has credited Home Minister Amit Shah for propelling a “new era in Jammu and Kashmir”. The commission is India’s top human rights watchdog, currently headed by Justice Arun Mishra.

“It is for you, Mr Shah, that a new era has now begun in Jammu and Kashmir,” Justice Mishra was quoted saying by the NDTV while speaking at an event marking 28 years of NHRC. “It is now a norm to accuse India of human rights violation at the behest of international forces.”

Later, Prime Minister, Narendra Modi talked about the “selective” approach to human rights and lashed out at “some” who viewed human rights “with an eye on political gains and loss”.

“Some people see human rights violations in some incidents but not in other similar incidents,” the Prime Minister was quoted saying. “Human rights are violated when viewed via political spectacles. Selective behaviour is harmful to democracy.”


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