SRINAGAR: National Investigation Agency (NIA) that is probing the funding issue of Kashmir separatists has resumed raids across Kashmir. Police said these raids are being carried out on the residences of relatives and acquaintances of a business man who is one of the accused in the funding case.

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Residents in Pir Bagh were shocked when one of the two passages into the Umar Abad belt had obstruction because of the security presence on Wednesday morning. It was eventually known that one of the relatives of the particular business man was being searched.

Simultaneously, another raid was under progress in Aloocha Bagh where, according to police sources, the businessman’s driver lives.

Police sources said that raids were under progress in Handwara, where the driver lives, and also in Tarhama Kunzar where the business man’s relations live. Another raid was being carried out in Mazhama village near Magam. Some of the premises being searched belong to government employees. One is even a doctor.

Reports in the media indicated that there were at least a dozen locations where the NIA is searching various premises. Most of the places raided by the agency are residences of the persons who are either relatives or associates and workers of the businessman.

NIA had arrested seven persons on July 24, and most of them are in judicial remand in Delhi. The agency had also summoned various people for investigations including two sons of Syed Ali Geelani. After questioning they were permitted to return home.

The central agency has been investigating the case of funding for the separatist and the frequent unrest in Kashmir.


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