Nimaz Eid ‘Banned’ At Lal Chowk By Authorities, Malik Arrested

KL Report


Authorities Monday arrested JKLF chairman Mohammad Yasin Malik ahead of Nimaz i Eid. According to statement, authorities have banned the Nimaz i Eid at Lal Chowk. The Nimaz was proposed by the flood hit people of many localities, shopkeepers, businessmen and Trade bodies.

“The businessmen and the people whose business and houses have been destroyed by recent floods intended to appeal international community for immediate help and assistance to come out of the worst situation people of Kashmir are in because of the recent floods,” said JKLF spokesman.

JKLF while condemning the arrest of Yasin Malik and imposition of curfew in Lal chowk has said that “this has once again exposed the ugly brutal face of India and its callous approach towards the flood devastated people of Kashmir’s.”

According to a statement, JKLF once again appeals the international community to “take a serious note of the devastation caused by floods in Kashmir and callous, tyrannical approach of India and its stooges towards Kashmiris. Kashmiris are humans and international community needs to come to the rescue of fellow humans (KASHMIRIS) who have been hit by a historical flood and have lost hundreds of men and women, business and property worth billions of dollars and where millions are compelled to live under open skies today.”

JKLF also condemned the ban on Nimaz i Eid by authorities and termed it as interference in religious affairs.

Pertinently according to KNS, organizers of the proposed Nimaz i Eid had made all the arrangements for the Nimaz but at 12:00 am during night police and forces laid siege of Lal chowk and closed all the roads by putting razor wire and blockades on the entry points. Besides this whole area was put under strict curfew and in early morning police raided the residence of JKLF chairman Mohammad Yasin Malik and arrested him.


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