NIT Srinagar Faculty Member Secures Patents To Predict Landslides And Generate Real Time Earthquake Warnings


SRINAGAR: Dr Vivek from the Department of Civil Engineering at the National Institute of Technology (NIT) Srinagar has achieved a significant milestone by securing two patents for his groundbreaking systems. These patents focus on predicting and preventing landslides, as well as detecting seismic activities and generating real-time earthquake warnings.

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Vivek’s innovative system and method offer a promising solution to effectively mitigate landslides through the utilization of advanced technologies. The system incorporates a network of sensors strategically placed on slopes to continuously monitor various parameters such as stability and moisture content.

By employing machine learning algorithms, the data collected from these sensors is analyzed, enabling the generation of real-time alerts to warn of potential landslide risks. In addition, Dr. Vivek’s second patent revolves around a system that can detect seismic activities and provide real-time earthquake warnings.

Expressing his appreciation for Dr Vivek’s remarkable achievement, Prof Sudhakar Yedla, the Director of NIT Srinagar, described it as a proud moment for the institution. He took the opportunity to advise young faculty members to pursue patents for their fundamental research findings, emphasizing the importance of patents in fostering innovation, protecting intellectual property, and promoting collaboration.

Prof Yedla further emphasized the positive impact of patents and Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) on colleges and universities, including improved rankings, establishment of innovation ecosystems, incubation of knowledge-based start-ups, and enhanced research activities. He highlighted that filing patents provides exclusivity to the patent owner, preventing others from exploiting or selling the patented technology.

The Institute’s Registrar, Prof Syed Kaiser Bukhari, conveyed his congratulations to Dr Vivek for securing the prestigious patents. He acknowledged the crucial role patents play in promoting innovation and driving economic growth. Prof. Bukhari highlighted the incentives patents provide to individuals, recognizing their creativity and offering material rewards for their marketable inventions. He emphasized that innovation and patenting efforts contribute to economic growth and have the potential to reduce unemployment.

Dr Vivek, in his message, emphasized the significance of landslides as a global problem, causing extensive damage to property, infrastructure, and human lives. He acknowledged the limitations of traditional landslide prevention methods and emphasized the need for innovative solutions to effectively mitigate this issue.


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