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NIT StudentsAs the “drama” continues to halt the classroom work in National Institute of Technology (NIT), the students said that they are “shocked as how an educational Institute is being used as a platform for political melodrama”.

Seeking cooperation from non-locals students, a statement issued by some NIT students, termed the recent violence “dastardly misconduct, unheard of in the history of NIT Srinagar”.

“Students strongly condemn the ruthless assault on the poor courier guy, damaging institutional infrastructure, manhandling and hurling of bricks at Kashmiri students, scholars and teachers and subsequent hate mongering on social networking sites by non-local students of NIT Srinagar,” the statement said.

“It is ironic that non-local students engage in such corrupt behaviour against the same Kashmiris who came to their rescue when their hostels were marooned by flood waters and they were left foodless and shelter less on the streets.

It was Kashmir University students and other local Kashmiris who came to their rescue whilst their own families were in danger. Such behaviour is incongruent with scientific temperament that values knowledge, research, discussion, tolerance and innovation to facilitate common good of entire humanity. Such conduct on the part of non-local students will only exacerbate the situation,” the statement added.

Asking college administration to take stern action against the miscreants involved in “vandalisation and petrifying Kashmiri students”, the students demanded action against the “communal bigots residing within the campus” who attempt to disturb the communal atmosphere at NIT Srinagar. “Such measures are essential to restore an environment congenial to scientific learning and innovation.”

“It is surprising that the outcome of a gentleman’s game was made as a basis for transforming an educational institution into a platform for political melodrama,” the statement said.

The statement asked non-local students to concentrate on academics and “not indulge in political vendetta whilst being ignorant of the sufferings of Kashmiris and the political context of Kashmir”.

“Don’t be victims of venomous rhetoric against Kashmiris prevalent in the media, rather engage intellectually with other world views,” the statement further said addressing non-local students.” NIT Srinagar Kashmiri students stand up firmly for mutual respect, tolerance and compassion and condemn all forms of prejudice against any community.”


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