No Bargain On Kashmir Issue With India: Geelani Writes To Nawaz Sharief


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Negotiations with India in no way should be bargaining and it should not be against the aspirations of people of Jammu and Kashmir, Hurriyat Confrence (G) chairman Syed Ali Geelani has said in a complimentary letter to Nawaz Sharief. Geelani has said, “People of Jammu and Kashmir won’t accept and would reject four point Musharaf formula, self rule, autonomy or soft border proposals.”

Terming all these options vague, Syed Ali Geelani has said in his address to Nawaz Sharief, “These measures are cosmetic in nature, aimed at to dilute the Kashmir issue and added that the alternatives in no way would prove permanent, lasting and final solution to vexed Kashmir problem. They in no way satisfy and fulfill the aspirations and the sacrifices laid by the people of Jammu and Kashmir.”

The letter further reads, “In your recent statement while announcing that your regime will pick the threads where it were left in past but do consider that India won’t miss any opportunity and would harp its tune that Kashmir is their integral part and even would not hesitate are shy to say that negotiations are initiated for that Kashmir which with its political vision had decided its future and even India to this extent may smear the facts and realities.”

The senior leader has requested Sharief that while dealing with India it should be mentioned that the negotiations should be result oriented and “not at the cost of aspirations of people of Jammu and Kashmir and your stand with respect to Kashmir dispute must be unambiguous and should convey a clear message that 18 resolutions guaranteeing the right to self determination to people of Jammu and Kashmir are final and no other midway or substitute solutions are accepted at any cost.”

“It has been observed that during all negotiations and parley’s though the two countries admit that all disputes between the two would be solved through negotiations but despite more than 150 mutual meeting and agreements there seems no end and India with its approach has denied any solution for the vexed problem”, said Geelani in a letter.

While referring to meeting with Nawaz Shareef, Geelani has added, “Then Muslim league president respected Raja Zafar ul Haq in a telephonic message to me had extended his full support to ongoing movement. Respected Raja Zafar ul Haq on telephone had conveyed, that they with all possible means would support our freedom struggle and disclosed that they do not agree with the ideology and stand put forth by then rulers in Pakistan and differ with those people in chair” and “Haq had promised that your Muslim League won’t ignore the sacrifices the people of Jammu and Kashmir laid during ongoing movement and added that they will follow in letter and spirit the basic conception and principles with respect to Kashmir dispute formulated since 1947.”

Geelani while felicitating Nawaz Sharief for landmark victory and lauded the role played by people of Pakistan for sacred cause of Kashmir and added that the services rendered by people won’t go waist and would be remembered.


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