No regret over Masrat Aalam’s release: Mehbooba

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People’s Democratic Party president Mehbooba Mufti Saturday warned that if the violence of 2010 is repeated in the Valley, “You will have hundreds of Masarat Alam” in Kashmir. “We are here for reconciliation. If we can’t do it, we might as well pack our bags,” she said. Over 120 Kashmiri people, mostly young, were killed in various incidents of stone-throwing in the summer of 2010.

Speaking at India Today Conclave in New Delhi, Mehbooba Mufti siad that there is no regret within the Mufti Muhammed Sayeed government over the release of Kashmiri separatist Masarat Alam, which had led to a huge standoff with their allies, the BJP.

“We need a truth and reconciliation commission for justice in Kashmir just the way it was done in South Africa,” she said.

“We did nothing wrong. We only upheld a Supreme Court order,” Mehbooba said at the India Today Conclave in New Delhi. “Why are we subverting our own constitution when it comes to Kashmir? Why subvert the democratic process?” she added.

Mehbooba defended her party’s alliance with the BJP which she called “a partnership, not a marriage”. “We chose the more difficult path. We need a bridge between Jammu and Kashmir, only then can we build a bridge between Jammu and Kashmir and the rest of India,” she said, adding, “There is no honeymoon for us in the government.”

On the hanging of Afzal Guroo, she said, “Why be selective when it comes to Kashmir? Why pick up number 28 on the hanging list and hang Afzal Guru? Such actions create suspicions.”

While comparing between Modi and Vajpayee, she said that, “We can’t compare the two leaders. Atal Bihari Vajpayee evolved over a long period of time. PM Modi needs more time.” She said that the BJP has walked quite a distance to meet the political aspirations in Jammu and Kashmir.

On Article 370 she said that its not about land or laws. Article 370 is about the people. If you think you remove 370 and everything will be hunky dory, you are mistaken.”

On Kashmiri pandits she said that she realize their pain as she spent her childhood in the lap of Kashmiri Pandits.


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