‘No Separate Townships For Pandits’


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Resting all controversy triggered by the separate townships proposal for pandits, New Delhi has decided against any such move.

“Central government seems to have decided that no separate townships will be created for pandits,” said PDP’s youth president, Waheed Parra. “Total 10,000 pandits are to be rehabilitated.”

The proposed township will be all inclusive and would belong to the society. The township would require land worth Rs 800 crore.

Parra said Centre has decided to give Rs 20 lakh compensation to each pandit family for their return. “Only inclusive society will be allowed on need basis, where both Pandits and Muslims can live together,” he said. The other component for the rehabilitation is jobs, which have partly been given under the 2008 package.

Earlier a 31-member parliamentary standing committee on home affairs has skipped even talking about any exclusivity in the rehabilitation process. Instead, they have only dwelt upon giving financial assistance, jobs, transit and cluster accommodation for the rehabilitation to Kashmiri Pandits.


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