Nomadic Gujjars Face High Risk Due To Fresh Snowfall, Rain In Upper Reaches

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Due to un-seasonal snowfall and heavy rain in upper reaches of north-western Himalaya  around two lakh to three lakh  nomadic Gujjars and Bakerwals including women and children along-with  lakhs  of  livestock  who  are presently under bi-annual seasonal migration towards upper reaches are facing  high risk  to their  lives in Jammu and Kashmir.

“Thousand of Gujjars –Bakerwals Deera’s are stranded in at different points in the mountain ranges of Pir Panjal, Shivalik, Trikuta and  Zojila in Himalaya,” reads a press statement issued   by the Tribal Research and Cultural Foundation.

Dr Javaid Rahi Secretary,  Tribal Foundation said that the nomadic Gujjars, Bakerwals, who started migration in April  this year now reached on  high altitude areas and due to dip in normal temperature in many parts of the state they are facing tremendous problems.

“Our organisation has received reports form tribal that a number of  nomadic families  are stranded near Pir Panchal, Doda, Islamabad, Kulgam , Zojiala pass Jamia Gali, Pir Ki Marg, Chhapran, Upper Banihal, Wadwan, Trichhal, Mughal Road, Gurez Macheil sector and facing lots of hardships due to heavy snowfall   and rainstorm  continuously for the  past few days.”

Rahi urged the authorities to conduct  an  Arial survey of the area and provide them food , medicines  , blankets and fodder for their animals.

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  1. What they require is not these petty material things; they are centuries old traditional people accustomed to such physical (and mental) life; they’re fit. What they may require is some shelter houses, sheds, etc. en route for themselves as also ruminants. Food etc. they manage. They need medical facilities and a bit of certainty and organization in their mobile (not = nomadic) life. Let us not pity these brave souls. At certain distances on route govt. should provide them fee/cost based shelter/sheds. That’s all.


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