“Non lethal”, they say

by Sanna Mattoo

Representational Photo: Five-year old Zohra admitted in SMHS after hit by pellets.
Five-year old Zohra admitted in SMHS after hit by pellets.

“Non lethal”, they say

They lie. A big lie

Believe me!

I’m the victim

Of so called non-lethal pellets


As it smashed into my body

I cried a wordless gasp

Since then…

there’s no enough life

to fill these long hours



My pierced skin aches

These deep scars

writhe my body

day in, day out



and bruised eyes:

burden my face—

Like an trained intruder,

It (pellets) silently stole my sight


Everything turned devastatingly dark


yet painful…

I wept in pain

I wept in fear


World around me

doesn’t seem concerned


snow flurries will start

to swirl in the night sky


For me,

it won’t be same

Nothing will be same

My pain beg me

to keep the hope alive


To silence my grief

I turn my attention to the garden

Garden of freedom

Where white petals

are drifted to the ground


Dappling the narrow path

I’ll forget the cruelty of the world

I lived, and you sense:

the resilience blazed in my blood.


Sanna Mattoo is a journalism student and freelance reporter based in Srinagar.


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