Non Medicos As Heads Of Health Department Unacceptable: DAK

SRINAGAR: Doctors Association Kashmir(DAK) in a communiqué showed its strong resentment towards government’s proposal of appointing non-medicos as heads of Directorate health Services Kashmir, Directorate Health Services Jammu, Director JKACS and Director family welfare and Immunisation.

Doctors association Kashmir

Dr Suhail Naik, President DAK said that “We are given to understand that Govt. is mulling to appoint non-medicos as heads of different health departments which is nothing but non-seriousness of the Govt. towards the  department of health.”

“Many district and sub-district hospitals are preparing to start Diplomate National Board(DNB) courses in various specialities to increase the specialised manpower in addition to providing an academic environment in these hospitals. These recognized qualifications awarded by National Board of Examinations(NBE) in various Broad Specialties, Super specialities and SubSpecialties are approved by the Government of India and included in the First Schedule of IMC Act 1956 and according to the same act head of the institutions(Director/ Medical superintendents ) has to be had at least a basic qualification of MBBS & a postgraduate degree and in addition to that having a working experience in the health department but unfortunately, government by appointing non-medicos as head of these institutions seems is in the mood of sabotaging these courses even before starting it,”  Dr Naik further said.

Dr Owais H Dar, General Secretary DAK said that nowhere in the civilized world we have such example of a non-technical person heading a fully technical field. Medical science is a non-theoretical field which can be best understood by the person belonging to that field only but it seems the Govt. is least bothered about the welfare of this department and wants to satisfy its ego by implanting non-technocrats at the helm of affairs, he added.

DAK stresses upon the government that if any such move is taken it will be fully opposed and resisted by us and also urges upon the Lieutenant Governor J&K to look into this matter whereby a planned deterioration of health department is being proposed by these non-practical plans of the government.


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