Non NC Panches And Sarpanches Allege Discrimination


KL Report


Alleging discrimination and deliberate victimization, Panches and Sarpanches from Sumbal Sonawari today protested in the summer capital Srinagar. The protesters were shouting slogans against the ruling government and broke their official stamps in front of media persons.

“We are protesting against the arrest of one of our colleague, Tahir Mohammad Qadri from Trehgam, who was arrested against a false allegation of misusing an electric wire”, said Mohammad Yasin, a Sarpanch.

The protesters were complaining that the case was lodged by electric department but they were alleging that the accused person was not present in the village that day. The protesting panches and sarpanches said, “Nobody listens to us, if we go to different departments for help, they on the first instances tell us to leave and they are not going to help us,” they added that they are not given promised powers.

Another sarpanch added, “The ruling government is promising us stars in front of world but in reality they have nothing to give us.”  Protesters said if condition remained same, they will resign from their posts.

Protesters alleged that government is deliberately neglecting them as they belong to the opposition party. “They are booking us on frivolous charges so that we succumb to pressure and join ruling NC,” said an agitated Sarpanch.




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