KL Report


Life in Kargil has returned after a series of cloud bursts and mud slides that were triggered by incessant rains on 31 July wreaked destruction in Kargil. The efforts of Kargil Police, volunteers of SDFR and Home Guard during the rescue and rehabilitation operation went a long way in normalizing the situation.

An unprecedented rain fall on 31st evening due to which cloud burst accrued in and around Kargil town. Mud slide in the form of flood occurred on Shamsha Kharboo, Shilitsey, Adulegund, Kabadi Lungma, Chinarkali and Titichumik Kargil. Two persons are reportedly missing and washed away by the flood. The floods caused damage to houses, crops and road infrastructure etc.

Heavy damage were caused to the office complex of 121 BDE Army based at Kargil near Iqbal bride. However, no loss of life of life was reported. National highway remained closed for few hours on 31th July 2013 at Shamsha Kharbu, Pashkyum and Shilichey which was restored by the authorities later on.

Police personnel and other volunteers of SDFR/Home Guard were put into action instantly for rescue and rehabilitation works by District Police. All the road infrastructure and other damaged amenities have been restored and life back to normal.


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