CID clarifies Sufeera’s Passport Verification Matter

KL Report


CID wing of home department Monday clarified that the news carried in a section of media regarding Sufeera Jan Ganaie, resident of Beerwa Budgam has been denied passport due to an adverse verification report from the CID wing of the J&K Govt is incorrect.

Giving details the spokesman said that Sufeera Jan had applied for issuance of passport in Passport office Srinagar on April 25, 2013 and her documents for police verifications were received by CID Hqrs on 11-5-2013 after the opening of the darbar in Srinagar. As per the procedures, the verification rolls of the applicant were sent to the District Police and also to the Special Branch of the CID, he added.

The CID Hqrs had received a clear verification in favour of the applicant from Special Branch and also from District Police recently, though one of her relations has militancy background, the current policy of the State Government related to the verification of the passport cases is very clear in dealing with such cases and a number of such cases have been reviewed over a period of time and cleared from time to time, the spokesman maintained. He further said that in the case of Sufeera, the CID reports are clear and favour her for the issue of the passport and documents relating to her clearance are under process and are being sent to the passport officer for issuance of passport in her favour.

The Spokesman further clarified that the issue of passports and the verifications thereof, being of public interest and importance, are being given top priority and a number of cases which were earlier sent as ‘Not recommended’ prior to the announcement of the new guidelines by the State Government, are being reviewed and clearances are being issued after due diligence. He further stated that for facilitating the fast track disposal of the pending verifications, CID Hqrs has been holding public hearing on every Thursday in CID Hqrs where a number of applicants seek clearances on fast track basis, especially, for Hajj/ service and admissions in foreign countries. The CID Hqrs also has a helpline under the e-mail  ‘’ which could be used by the applicants seeking the status of the verifications and grievances, if any, and the CID Hqrs would be providing the feedback on all these references on a fast track basis.


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