Not Statehood But Internal Autonomy Is The Main Demand, Soz Reacts To Dr Karan Singh Statement

SRINAGAR: Senior Congress leader and former cabinet minister, Prof Soz termed it unfortunate that some people deliberately try to distract the people of J&K State from real issues to the margins of less important propositions.

Professor Soz was reacting to former Sadar-e-Rayasat and senior Congress leader, Dr Karan Singh’s statement regarding the restoration of statehood to Jammu and Kashmir.

Soz said in a statement that yes, reducing J&K State’s Status to a Union Territory happens to be an element of tomfoolery, in which the Central Government indulged recklessly.

“But, the people of Jammu and Kashmir are essentially fighting for the restoration of the Internal Autonomy enshrined in the now-abrogated Article 370 of the Constitution of India,” he said.

“The Central government had no Constitutional and Legal Authority to abrogate Article 370 of the Constitution of India, unilaterally. It happened to be the cornerstone of the J&K State’s relationship with the Union of India,” he added.

“I am so confident that the people of the J&K State will succeed in getting it (Article 370) restored. I have already welcomed the J&K State Mainstream Political Parties’ resolve to restore this provision once the elections are held and the J&K Legislative Assembly has been constituted,” Soz said in a statement.


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