Now Vivek Agnihotri reliving Pandit migration for Bollywood


Bollywood’s obsession with Kashmir continues. Barring a few movies that portray Kashmir issue in its true light, all other films ended up adding to the confusion as they are usually based on misinformation or rumours, often quoted in a section of media. Adding to the same list Bollywood filmmaker Vivek Agnihotri, of Tashkent Files fame is all set to make a film on Kashmir Pandits’ migration.

Vivek has begun working on his new project, which is titled The Kashmir Files. Talking about the same to the media outlet DNA he said, the film is supposed to be a probe on the mass exodus of Kashmiri Pandits.

Vivek said in a statement, “Since a very long time, I have been wanting to make a film on the Kashmir issue and after the success of The Tashkent files, I have got the confidence that I am matured enough to handle a sensitive subject like this.”

He added, “Kashmiri Pandits Exodus from 1991 is the biggest human tragedy, the biggest ethnic cleansing, mass exodus of a community with violence. Kashmiri Pandits are homeless in their own country. This is the 7th exodus of Kashmiri pundits from Kashmir – their home. Since the WW2 there hasn’t been such a violent and barbaric ethnic cleansing anywhere in the world.”

“This is India’s holocaust where at midnight the minorities (Hindus) were asked to leave the valley and they were specifically asked to leave behind all their property and women. Children were killed with AK47, women were raped, men were cut with the wood cutting saw. Houses were burnt. India’s most secular region was converted into an Islamic region controlled with Sharia law. My film is about the sinister politics behind it. Everyone is responsible for such a tragedy. My film is about that,” he concluded.


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