Now, You won’t Feel Cold on Bike, Your Car won’t be Stolen!

Zafar Aafaq


The concerns of Bike and Car lovers may soon be over. A group of four Kashmiris have developed devices that will definitely take your love for automobiles to another level.

The group comprises of Anis Mushtaq Shah of Gund Qazigund, Ansar Hussain Lone of Baramulla, Touseef Nazir Bhat of Sopore and Ruhul Abbas Pandit of Baramulla, all engineering students of Sharda University. The students passionate about machines and devices joined their heads together and worked tirelessly to come up with a project for Auto-Expo 2016 held in Noida NCR from 1st Feb-9th Feb.

They surprised everyone with their talent when they exhibited three innovative devices at Auto-Expo. The group received huge praise from experts, engineers, scientists and organizers of Expo. The three devices – Air Conditioned Jacket, SMS Based Engine Immobilizer, Turbo Charted Bike – that these engineers have come can prove very useful for automobiles.

Air Conditioning Jacket
Air Conditioning Jacket

Air Conditioning Jacket

The jacket has a removable set of tools that will set the jacket at a desirable temperature. It can be used by bike riders to keep themselves cool during summers and warm during winters! The jacket has a cooling unit that will control its temperature. There have been instances before when engineers attempted to create such garments but the technology used in them is different from this device. They either used fans or coolants to control temperature. In Japan, engineers had developed a jacket for mining workers that uses the fan technology.


SMS Based Engine Immobilizer

It is an SMS based electronic device that can be installed in an automobile to prevent automobile theft. If a person finds that his/her vehicle has been stolen, he/she can send an SMS (stop code) from any mobile phone to the device installed inside the car, the vehicle will come immediately to halt! The vehicle will only restart if the start code is sent from the mobile phone.

Turbo Charged Bike
Turbo Charged Bike

Turbo Charged Bike

This device increases the efficiency of a bike engine without increasing the engine size. For instance, a 150 CC bike which has a capacity of only 9000 RPM can be increased to 115000 RPM!

The innovators
The innovators

The expo organizers had asked engineering institutions to come up with innovative projects. The group spent more than two months in their university laboratory and the hard work resulted into the innovative devices – Air Conditioned Jacket, SMS based Car immobilizer, Turbo Charged Bike.

“When we were told that university has been asked to present their projects in the Auto Expo, we saw it an opportunity and challenge to show that we are capable of doing better because it was a competition with IITians, and NITians,” said Anis Mushtaq Shah who is part of the team headed by Ansar Hussain Lone.

Praising their guide and university for providing them all the required assistance to get the desired result of their efforts, the students feel the Expo has opened more doors of opportunity for them to contribute to the automobile engineering sector.

(Zafar Aafaq is an Intern with Kashmir Life.)



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