Nowhere Upon

Milad Mehmood Zargar


No fiction to hang upon and no fog to make me bound

No speeding to listen a clear sound

No secrets under my own pound

No cheat codes that lift me to crown


No dullness to wipe upon

No pirate thing to grab upon

No burning under the agonies of crush

No crappy corner to hide with rush

No new skin to cover a blush

No ray of pure green lush


No wheelies to ride upon

No yottabytes to rely upon

No Linkin Park rock, No Lil Jon narration

No Metallica metal, No 2Pac elevation

No Iron Maiden beating, No Flo Rida variation

No AC/DC rise, No Eminem creation


No desires to burn upon

No love to light upon

No charm, no flash, no reason to go for toss

No touch, no feel still on the edge of loss

No sadness, no dryness, no metaphor for moss

No kiss, no depth, no shine of the Bailamos

No prickle actions to guilt upon

And no me myself to blade upon


Milad Mehmood Zargar is pursuing BE in Electronics and Communications from SSM College of Engineering and Technology.



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