Observe Jumat-ul-Wida As ‘Yawm ul Quads’: Geelani To People

KL Report


Hurriyat Conference (G) chairman Syed Ali Geelani in his appeal has called to observe Jumat-ul-Wida as ‘Yawm ul Quads’ and Kashmir day and said  that lasting peace and stability in world cannot be achieved until troops are pulled out from Kashmir and Palestine.

In a statement Geelani in his appeal to Tehreek e Hurriyat and pro-freedom leaders, scholars and religious clerics of mosques urged to highlight unlawful and Jewish domination of Palestine on the occasion of Jumat-ul-Wida congregations and appealed to seek blessings in their special collective prayers for people of Kashmir and Palestine including all those people suffering under foreign occupation.

He also urged to observe special prayers for the end of political instability and uncertainty in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt and Syria and added that vested western powers are responsible for the present bloodshed and it is due to their interference in the internal affairs of these countries that situation has turned grim.

Geelani said that there were too many similarities between Kashmir and Palestine issues and added that Israeli backed by Western powers has grabbed the Holy places   in Palestine “while India has also forcibly occupied the Kashmir territory without any moral or legal justifications.”

“Both India and Israel have opted for genocide and are involved in mass killings and in both places the innocent people are striving since last seven decades for freedom and are up against the tyrant rule,” he said.

Citing the example, Geelani said that “in these two tyrant countries civilians are being killed, youth detained in prison and properties are being ransacked and demolishing has become a common phenomenon. The basic fundamental rights are being denied or violated,” he said.


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