Offer is Outside Support, Not Power Hungry: NC

KL Report


National Conference on Wednesday said that it should be amply clear that NC’s offer to PDP was an offer of ‘Outside Support’ for PDP to form the Government in J&K and that National Conference was not interested in being a part of such a Government with PDP in the State.

Terming PDP Chief Spokesperson Naeem Akhtar’s remarks as ‘misinformed and unfounded’, National Conference General Secretary Advocate Ali Mohammad Sagar, according to a party statement, said that unlike PDP, National Conference has put its ideology and the State’s ‘Special Status’ above the petty trappings of power by not aligning with BJP.

“If we were interested in being part of a Government in J&K, we could have aligned with the BJP as it was an option readily available to NC after the election results came out. But unlike PDP, we are guided by guiding principles and a political ideology that is rooted in the aspirations and sentiments of our people. We have put our ideology over the lure of power, something that quite understandably seems inconceivable for a party like the PDP which is ready to make every possible compromise and u-turn to come to power in the State. PDP wants to come to power at any cost, even if that means contradicting everything PDP leaders said during the campaign for the Assembly Elections,” Sagar said.

The NC General Secretary rubbished PDP’s deluded claim that National Conference had been punished or sidelined by the people.

“A party that only got 60,000 more votes than us collectively in the State can hardly make that claim with a straight face. PDP tried its best to accentuate propaganda of an alleged ‘PDP wave’, which clearly turned out to be a farce as the results demonstrated. The last we checked neither had Mufti Mohammad Sayeed rendered a public apology for his crimes against Kashmiris during his tenure as the Home Minister and nor have the people of the State forgiven him for lording over countless massacres and being the architect of repression in the State. So, the PDP Chief Spokesperson should come out of his delusions and the party should stop taking the people of Kashmir for granted,” Sagar added.

“We understand that the PDP clearly owes a debt to the BJP since it was the BJP that funded and supported the creation of the PDP with a view at dividing the people of Kashmir and fragmenting their representative voice. Similarly the BJP owns promoter’s equity in the PDP for having funded the creation of PDP. NC had hoped that PDP would forge a coming together of the two regional parties in the larger interest of the State but we recognize their compulsions due to the debt they owe to the BJP. It would now be better for the PDP to be honest with the people rather than trying to cloak their deceit behind some smokescreen of a moral high ground,” the NC General Secretary added.


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